I am enjoying applying the principles you shared in your seminar. I am having so much fun finding ways to say things positively. Here are a couple of stories:

When I have to give a test that takes more than one sheet of paper front and back, I try to make an answer sheet. That way I can use the test over again and only have to copy a one-page answer sheet, since I am limited to the number of copies I can make each month. Every time I do this I always have 6-8 children write on the test. This last week when I handed out a test and answer sheet I told the children to write their answers on the answer sheet only. I asked them, “Where are you going to write your answers?” and had them repeat twice, “I will write my answers on the answer sheet.” Never once did I mention, “Don’t write on the test.” Every student wrote on the answer sheet only. There was not one mark on any of my tests!

The other day when a couple of children asked at the end of the day if they could erase the board I told them, “Yes, but don’t erase the list.” Well, guess what they did? They erased the list! But instead of thinking what’s wrong with these kids that they never listen, I had to smile to myself about the way in which I had given them instructions. Later in the week when I was asked the same question I replied, “Yes, and leave the list on the board.” It was still there when I needed it!

Even when I am less than successful my understanding helps me put things in perspective and make a plan to do better next time. Thank you so much. I know what you have shared is and will continue to have a major impact on my life!

P.S. I listened to a couple of your original allegories as I cleaned my garage last weekend. The stories are wonderful! I caught myself seeing both Croak-In and Bragedy-On in my mind’s eye as I interacted with people all week. What a wonderful message they both had!

—Nancy Camara
3rd grade teacher, Public School System, Trussville, Alabama
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